Three Things Required to Achieve a Successful Overhaul on a Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine

Diesel engines in work trucks and heavy-equipment are designed for one purpose – to go to work and make money for the owner. So, when a diesel engine needs to be rebuilt there is a lot at stake, including the cost of the repair, the downtime, and potential future revenue.  


It must be done right!  


There are three things that are required to successfully overhaul a diesel engine which results in the work truck or piece of heavy-equipment getting back into service quickly, cost-effectively, and results in hundreds of thousands of miles or thousands of trouble-free hours of operation. 


#1 - Qualified Engine Rebuilders 


AFA Industries is a manufacturer of heavy-duty engine parts, seals, gaskets, and other engine related parts. Our customers are qualified engine rebuilders who know what they are doing and demand high-quality, durable parts. 

WATCH: Three Things Required to Achieve a Successful Overhaul on a Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine

They have been trained to not only know how to perform a reliable engine rebuild, but to fully understand modern diesel engines and are able to properly diagnose all the engine systems to fix the root problem instead of just the symptom. Our last article talked about this in detail.  


We encourage fleets and owner-operators to thoroughly investigate the qualifications of anyone they hire to work on their diesel engines. Without a qualified repair technician and a qualified engine rebuilder the results can be catastrophic.  


#2 – High-Quality Engine Parts 


If you want your diesel engine to be rebuilt and have it last for hundreds of thousands of miles or thousands of hours of trouble-free operation, it is essential that you use high-quality engine parts.  


This may seem obvious, but there is a wide range of engine parts available from OE replacement parts that are priced very high, to aftermarket parts that are priced much cheaper, and everything in between.  


As an aftermarket manufacturer of high-quality engine parts that are on par with OE quality (and in many instances are higher-quality), we aim to provide our customers with the best of both worlds. In other words, we manufacture OE quality parts at cost-effective aftermarket prices.  


For decades now we have sold thousands of engine kits, and what makes our kits (especially our diamond kits) really stand out is the longevity and durability of our engine parts over many competitors. Having all the high-quality and durable parts you need in one kit makes all the difference.  


We know that you only want to rebuild that diesel engine once, and then have it last hopefully for the rest of the truck or heavy-equipment’s lifespan.  Our engineering and manufacturing teams have complete control over the quality and production of our products, and this is what allows our parts to perform so well over such a long period of time.  


#3 - Warranty Coverage 


Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, and things do go wrong from time to time. At AFA Industries, our warranty coverage is another way we stand out as a manufacturer of heavy-duty engine parts.  


Our warranty applies to all new engine parts sold by AFA Industries unless specifically excluded for a specific reason that is outlined clearly in our policy. Our Diamond Kits come with a 36-month warranty period for everything in the kit except injectors, which have an 18-month warranty.  


The warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it and when you have a qualified technician rebuild your diesel engine ACCORDING to OE specifications with AFA Industries high-quality engine parts you are completely covered from any engine failure that occurs due to defects in the engine parts we supply. 


You can count on us! 

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