• CAD/CAM Precision
• Application Specific base materials
• Advanced plasma coated facings
• Superior thermal conduction
• Emissions and durability compliant

With deep roots in sealing systems, AFA approaches piston rings with the same advanced technology and engineering vigor it applies to all heavy duty challenges.
Base materials consist of various grades of high strength, fine grained gray cast iron, ductile iron, carbon steel alloys and stainless steel. Profiles are piston matched to provide the optimum ring expansion and sealing forces based on the temperature and pressure developed in that specific power cylinder unit.
While the base materials themselves are extremely durable, engine technology advances have put even higher demands on the ring’s cylinder wall contact surfaces. High temperature plasma deposition of chrome, moly and carbide based alloys produce
facings of incomparable durability.
The combination of complementary, high performance, base material selection, piston matched profiling and plasma coated facings produces rings that defy fatigue breakage, thermal distortion and keep blow by at an absolute minimum.
Advanced oil ring technology utilizing stainless steel, chromed and nitrided steel assure a clean cylinder wipe and prevent carbonizing of lubricants which can seriously degrade combustion sealing and even lead to ring seizure.
When your next rebuild is 1,000,000 miles away, AFA rings will get you there and beyond.