• Application engineering in every product
• Precision manufacturing
• Relentless quality control
• Exacting materials formulations
• Total system sealing solutions

Today’s advanced heavy duty engine technology is putting increased demands on sealing products from top to bottom. Head gaskets in particular are subject to higher heats and pressures created by high performance, multi-fuel configurations.
Graphite is particularly well suited to this difficult environment due to its inertness, thermal resistance and conformability. Especially in situations where the block and head alloys have differing coefficients of expansion due to the ability of the graphite to slide laterally on itself while maintaining an integral compression seal. The gasket is comprised of two sheets of graphite material bonded to a steel core. Fire rings provide the combustion seal and fluoroelastomer inserts seal fluid passages.
Multi-Layer-Steel (MLS) head gaskets have been developed in response to advancing engine technology and sealing demands. They consist of a number of layers of embossed elastomer-coated steel and stainless steel fillers. A hallmark of MLS is the design freedom it allows. Every part of the embossment topography can be engineered to precise specifications
controlling compressibility, sealing forces and load distribution. Such precision minimizes the need for inserts and assures excellent sealing of both the combustion chamber and all other fluid passages. MLS designs take into account “scrubbing” and are able to maintain excellent sealing even in cases of extreme lateral head/block motion.
Molded silicone rubber is the material of choice for today’s Valve cover and oil pan gaskets. Seamless construction and molded-in, redundant sealing beads combined with steel compression limiters assure a 1,000,000 mile seal every time.
AFA takes a total engine sealing approach to each application, taking into consideration all the variables of pressure, thermodynamics, coolants and lubrication within that particular system as well as its historical failure rates. Applying world class engineering and manufacturing processes, our technical teams focus not only on applying the best materials combinations and configurations, but on eliminating problem sealing issues inherent in that particular engine.
From the most sophisticated head gasket down to the smallest nitrile O-ring AFA combines world class engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing to provide its customers with gasket sets that are exactly what is needed for a repair or complete overhaul.